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How do I sell a home with someone I don’t get along with anymore?
Do we split the money after the sale?
What if our home doesn’t sell right away?
How do we make sure we sell fast and get it over with?
Are there pros and cons to selling vs. other options (buyout, co-owning after divorce)?
Should I rent or try to buy again after the divorce is over?


There are very few life experiences that are less enjoyable and difficult than getting a divorce.

Getting a divorce often leads to arguments, tension, confusion, and frustration.

Issues over price, scheduling showings, and even accepting the best offer can delay both the sale and the divorce.

There’s perhaps no other scenario where picking the right professional is more important.

Typically when selling a home during a divorce there are a handful of different options that a divorcing couple can decide on. It’s important to think about all the options that are available and to select the best option.

Below are three of the most common options to choose from when selling a home during a divorce.

One Of The Spouses “Buys Out” The Other
One option that exists for those homeowners who are going through a divorce is one spouse “buys out” the other. What occurs in this scenario is one of the spouses takes over the full responsibility of the home. In most cases, in order to do this, the spouse who is buying the other out will have to pay a lump sum to the other, which typically will incorporate any equity that has been built in the property over the years of marriage.

Sell The Home Immediately
Another option that exists for divorcing homeowners is to sell the home immediately. Of the three options, this is the most common result. If the divorcing couple decides to sell the home immediately, the proceeds or shortages that result in the sale of the home are generally split.

The Couple Continues To Co-Own The Home
It’s highly recommended that if a divorcing couple decides to co-own the home that there is an agreement in writing. This agreement should outline exactly who will be responsible for paying what. If one of the spouses is planning on buying out the other, this needs to be clear and concise in a written agreement.

The real estate reality is that 61% of divorcing couples sell their home to part ways.

It’s important to know and carefully consider ALL your options in order to narrow down your options.

Connect with us to explore these and other strategies and make the best, educated decision.


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